Saturday, April 14

Happy Birthday to Chrystal!

April 13th, eve of chrystal's birthday. i attempt to supprise her at St. James.. well its partially successful though.. hehehe.. i showed up at ard midnight at St. James along the main road.. while crossing the road, she saw me first! dammit... :P partied with her woodland brothers and 2 gals..

April 14th is my chrystal's birthday :) we went for dinner at equinox. well its not exactly my first time there.. i went once when i was still a little kid with my aunt.. i was like only 10... anyway..
dinner was great! ambience was elegant! food is delicious, although i prefer the food at My Secret Garden..
we then took a stroll to esplanade and had dessert at some cafe place.. was totally bloated after that :)
this is only the 2nd birthday my dear dear spent with me... still have 56 more times before i dump her :D
I Love you Chrystal!!

Friday, March 23

work work work work rest

I have been working everyday for the last 11 days now. Cant say its really tiring though cos i dont really feel tired at all.. weekend shifts are really more like a time wasting session rather than work.
but nonetheless, i really do need some timeoff to go out. hence the reason for leave today :D
default plan is to wake up at ard 3pm to wash my car.. last time i washed is before CNY.. yup :P
after which will proceed to cafe delmar for dinner and some drinks with my dear chrystal :)
its been a long time since i had drinks with chrys.. that sort of how we got to know each other better in the first place :)
looking forward to it...

Sunday, March 11

Happy Birthday to Me!

my birthday is simple this year. no drinks, loud music, and drunkards around :)chrystal bought me dinner at Hog's breathe. totally cannot be compared to the one in Australia. the standard of the beef is totally different. but it is a good meal :) just that once you tried the best, cannot settle for anything less :P one day, i will bring chrystal to Aus to try Hog's breathe, and watch sunrise at Byron bay :)

after dinner we watched 300. A war epic about 300 Spartans fought 1000000 persians. really good movie :)

then we proceeded with Mahjong at ivan's. one of my closest game. was down by $67 at the last round. luckily i won back $60 at the final round and 1st game results, lose $7.. phew~
2nd game chrys and i played better and we made $108 :)

not a bad birthday weekend at all.. quiet, yet nice.. subtle, yet memorable :)

Wednesday, February 28

CNY 2007

yet another chinese new year is here. things changed.. i use to go visiting non-stop up to the 3rd day of CNY.. now, just the first half of the first day will be enough. that means angbao input drop many many as the years goes by..
however, i have many many good friends now. so visiting their houses and gamble has becomed our yearly CNY event.

day 1 started at gary's. played blackjack, mahjong,.. was winning $20. then just before we left, bet $10 blackjack and stoopid kev got blackjack. paid $20. day 1 results : $0.

day 2 stopped over at ivan's first. played the usaul, blackjack and mahjong. left his place +$20. then we made our way to dominic's house. 1st time stepping into his 3 storey corner private house... now dom'z house is really equiped with gambling stuff.. he has casino chipz, 2 mahjong tables, many many decks of cards, got food too :) overall, a great place for CNY gathering/gambling. went home +$40 :)

day 3 for me is visiting campmate's place in AMK. its a cosy 4 room HDB, which someday i will own 1 myself with chrystal :) but his place is really boring.. theres only 1 TV and its in the bedroom. no TV, no radio in the living room. guest rooms are empty.. and i mean empty.. played mahjong. left at 630pm after mahjong. -$8 picked chrys from work and went to diane's house for CNY dinner.. traditional steamboat which they do it every yr.. left for work at 9pm.. sianz..

day 6 i took MC, played mahjong at ivan's 2 pok. 1st pok jason cut us jialat jialat.. 2nd pok me and chrys managed to win back some.. :) +$40

well CNY is not over yet.. there will be more gambling and blackjack sessions :)

Saturday, February 17

Valentine's Dinner

We finally decided to go back to My Secret Garden for valentine's day dinner.
dinner was great :) we tried something different from what we had last yr.
to start, we shared a lobster bisque soup. we had the same thing last year but this year, the soup taste so much nicer. then for appetizer, we had baked cheese oysters. for our main, chrys ate lamb shank or something like that, i had chimichurri beef steak :D it was simply delicious. my steak was close to raw, but it was juicy and fantastic. one of the best steak i have ever ate. chrys ate the lamb, which is much better than what i had... delicious.. simply delicious.. really.

after the sumptous meal, we made a pact to eat at My Secret Garden every Valentine's day, which i gladly agreed :)

Thursday, February 15


last year, i had the best valentine's day i ever had. and it was spent with my dear chrystal.
this year, she needs to work late, so no dinner plans on the actual day itself.. but we spent the morning with each other though.. and it was great :D
what i initially planned, was to have dinner at Equinox. but after looking at the menu and my bank acct,.. think ill save that for another day :P decided to go cafe delmar for dinner on friday to make-up our valentine's day dinner. i know it will be goood.. just hope that the food is good too :)
work is still hectic these days.. but its slowly getting better. hopefully after chinese new year, it will be more relaxing.. so that i can start on my CCNP.
oh yah, COE went down to only $5200! insane! i got my COE for $16,500. if i were to buy a OPC Picanto now, it will probably cost $13k - 14k! my god~... hope i tio toto tmr too.. :P

Monday, February 12


this is the first weekend spent without my dear chrystal by my side. she went for a short holiday in KL with her primary school friends from friday night to monday evening.

met up with campmates for dinner in suntec and some drinks at Balaclava. its good seeing them again after a long time. at 11pm, i went St James powerhouse for the first time.. the place is huuggee. there were thousands of people in the club. most of them had live-bands. my favourite is modiva, they played rest-of-the-world music or something like that. the band was really good and entertaining. playing happy songs which will make you wanna dance :D i like~
on the 2nd floor, the club Belinni had a place call Gallery. The Gallery oversees the 4 main club's dance floor, which is very unique and cool~ they have a TigerDen too. which shows multiple soccer matches with live commentary. after supper in geylang, ivan, kev, apes, and me made our way to ivan's house for ji pok. went home +$18

met up with jas gary muscle and beng for dinner at paragon spaggedies. i still love spaggedies food :D
then its gaming time! played from around 1030pm - 630am SGT. yup, about 7 hours of gameplay with an hour for supper inbetween. my brainjuice has been fuly used up now. playing game is more tedious than working man.. trust me..

well, the weekend without gf went smoothly and i had fun :) but i really do miss her. the night at St.James, felt alittle incomplete without her around.. hopefully, she will be back by 7pm tonight. so that i can go see her before i go to work at 9pm :D

Friday, February 9

AT&T waterbottle

yesterday i won an AT&T water bottle.. how did i win? by asking only 1 customer to take part in a phone survey. yup just 1 :) lazy people like gary never even get 1 survey done.. keke..

nowadays, work load is increasing every week. currently going through migration.. we use to have only 1 type of service, and that is MRS. now ATT slowly migrating EVPN service customers to us. workload will probably double by april.. to me thats a good thing. at least we get to touch on something new :)

also realised something about my CCNA ceritificate... it will expire in 1 yrs time! :P

which means, i only have 1 year left to study and pass my CCNP exams, which consist of 4 papers!


Thursday, February 8


alot has happened in the last... 8 months. many parties, skiing in korea, climbing the great wall, christmas eve, 1 yr aniversary, NYE, etc.. too lazy to summarize all, so im not going to.

reason why i resume blogging is because during the time when i blog, there is a small amt spent on self-reflection.. and i havent been doing that for a long time.. i havent been studying my CCNP, im getting fatter, im getting more unfit, 1hr of shopping and my legs are sore, my room is still a mess, my savings are climbing too slowly, im still smoking, im still dreaming on tioing toto, and many many more...

thats quite alot of bad points.. well the good points are : i love my gf more and more, she love me more and more, more thoughts on the future, more planning done, more research, and more mature i guess.. :D
some photos taken during my dec holiday :)

Wednesday, February 7

back to blogging

ok im back.. will start to blog again as often as possible... also going thru site restructuring..

Thank you to all the people who have view my crap blog.. :)